Do you know why Sweet Shrimp is one of the most favorite seafood for all Japanese?

Because Sweet Shrimp is small, very seat and delicious!

Not only Japanese, many of tourists visiting Japan have enjoyed Sweet Shrimp taste.

But still not enough well known about delicacy of Sweet Shrimp is to  the world.


Schooner Co.,Ltd., which is the front runner of Sweet Shrimp business in Japan, it is our duty to inform the high quality of Japanese products.

Sweet Shrimp appetizer

We would like to introduce Sweet Shrimp to the world. Why?

Because it is the sweetest shrimp.


That is why all Japanese children’s one of the most favorite SUSHI dishes.

Because it is not well known outside of Japan yet

There are many of shrimp spices, Sweat Shrimp is the sweetest.


Even Japanese have started eating Sweet Shrimp is not so long. About 40 years history we have enjoyed it. 

Because it is our duty

We introduced Sweet Shrimp to seafood market in Japan. Our company history is just same as history how to develop Sweet Shrimp at SUSHI and SASHIMI market.


We did in Japan, so we believe we will do to the world.

Why our product is the best quality?

①We send our supervisor to a fishing ship.


They have stayed for 8 months on a fishing ship, kept eye on whole production to make sure keeping Japanese quality.

②They choose best season for shrimp fishing that avoid soft shell season or too much fishing due to make broken.

③All shrimp fishing boats have the best production line. Shrimp was kept under 27 degree which hold Japanese quality longer.

④During 40 years experience, we developed special boxes for quick frozen and protect each shrimp from broken.


Our products are good for your health.

①We use our own food additive, which avoid shrimp tale color change.

Our food additive was own development, using vitamin C.


Other company use SO2.

②Sweet shrimp is very healthy seafood.

High protein and low fat. Sweetness comes from amino acid, glycine and alanine.

High vitamin E.

Anti-acidification food. Reduce the ROS and stop unsaturated fat oxidation in body, which prevent arteriosclerosis and heart infarction.

High Taurine, which prevent stroke, high blood pressure and heart disease. Helping fatigue recovery and vision recovery.

Astaxanthin which change shrimp color when it boiled. Highly acid resistance and inhibiting carcinogenesis, plus make healthy thinner blood.


Shrimp shell make human healthier which contain insoluble fiber named chitinous substance. It prevent constipation and colorectal cancer. 

③We advice many of Sweet shrimp recipe to the world.


During 40 years our company history, we give Japanese chefs who work all over the world many Sweet shrimp recipe advice.

We will inform our 40 years Sweet shrimp history to the world.

1. Our Sweet shrimp processing and sales history is as same as Sweet shrimp history in Japan


We are the first Sweet shrimp processing company and the most shipping amount in Japan. Our company history is as same as Sweet shrimp history. Before 40 years ago, Only small part of Hokkaido people has dietary culture of Sweet shrimp. 

2. We have distributed northern Sweet shrimp to the world.


We import Sweet shrimp from Greenland and Canada, thenwe distribute to all over the world. We developed new market for Greenland, we were awarded the medal by Greenland government.